Call for projects in agriculture and real economy sector

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2 min readDec 11, 2017


Smartlands accepts application of projects seeking to attract investments through ICO and asset tokenization.

Smartlands platform is designed to create a new class of low-risk tokens, secured by real, profitable assets in real economy and establish an appropriate infrastructure and framework for crowdsales of such tokens that protects investors from major part of risks.

Tokenization of assets on Smartlands Platform will provide investments required for introduction of highly efficient innovative technologies or expansion of already highly technological and efficient companies in real economy sector.

Requirements for Application

A company should:

  1. Make a brief presentation about your company and describe the idea for ICO
  2. Have sufficient market value of assets to provide for collateralization.
  3. Business plan that describes strong growth prospects backed by market analysis and reasoning for expansion/introduction of innovations.
  4. Have a clearly defined market opportunity to grow revenues that can increase incomes.
  5. Have a clearly defined plan of how the company can increase revenues and incomes in 2- 4 years.
  6. Be able to make sufficient contributions toward making the project successful.
  7. Have high level of technological solutions introduced that secures high efficiency, transparency/accountability, low risks or plans to introduce them (with detailed feasibility study and roadmap attached).

Supporting Documents

  1. Completed Application Form — Required
  2. Most Recent Business Plan — Required
  3. Two Years of Financial Statements — Preferred but Optional

Application Instructions

Send a copy of the completed application form and supporting documents to the address

For more details visit Smartlands website



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