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What makes the Definder platform better than the existing crowdfunding platform?

Exactly what role does the DNT token play in this project? Do investors need to invest in DNT directly and NOT USDC or other fiat? How about an insurance pool?

Who is the CEO?

What is the guarantee that the project owner will not disappear once their project is funded? How is the fund distributed to the owners?

When liquidity is going to be added?

How soon do you hope to have investors using your platform and do you have some ready and waiting to get onboard?

When will the first income of the Definder project be generated?

As a DeFi platform with Smart Contracts, are there any plans to perform a 3rd-party audit by a well-known auditing company and publish the results?

Last year there was a lot of talk about tokenizing properties in Ukraine and that the right digital laws were signed for it. With the recent progress will this still be something that can be started?

How do you plan to get listed on other exchanges that already have DNT (district0x)?

How are you going to promote the product, what are your plans for marketing?

Who are the strategic partners you are planning? Are these DeFi projects on Binance Smart Chain? Or is it an asset company like Colliers?

With the SLT that is not swapped to DNT. What happens to the amount of DNT that is reserved for that? Is it going to the community, the team or will it be non available?



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DF Platform - a comprehensive fundraising tool for the real economy. Enhanced liquidity for startups and established businesses.