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9 min readSep 9, 2022

Definder thanks you for your active participation in the AMA and our Lily answered the most interesting questions in the video for our community.

Also, we have answered more of your questions in text format.

What makes the Definder platform better than the existing crowdfunding platform?

We cannot say that we are a standard crowdfunding platform. We are the brand new product. A crowdfunding platform is a one-way connection from an investor to an investment object. With standard crowdfunding, you simply invest in the selected project and wait for a miracle. We are talking about Communications and direct impact on the project.

Definder combines traditional crowdfunding with blockchain technology and easy-to-use smart contracts. Projects that require funding will be able to set milestones and timelines on the roadmap according to their actual capabilities and realistic targets. This investment model allows investors to access start-up projects with the best conditions. If the development of a particular project is unsatisfactory, community can directly influence the project team. This allows investors to maintain control over their funds and motivates project to deliver quality results.

We are talking about Defi and DAO in its purest form. We believe that our platform can become a simple and understandable ecosystem, where in one place you can find investments in your project, invest in something interesting for you, or simply find a community of like-minded people. We do not want any centralization and believe that our society can be self-regulating and creative.

Exactly what role does the DNT token play in this project? Do investors need to invest in DNT directly and NOT USDC or other fiat? How about an insurance pool?

DNT is the utility token of our platform. It will be used in two cases: when forming an insurance pool and as a donation to get access to the project workspace in order to communicate directly with the project owners. This is noted in our white paper.

Investments in the project will be made in stable coins. We understand that the crypto market is volatile and that’s why investing in DNT will not be appropriate. The owner of the project independently chooses the stable coin, which is preferable to him. At the moment, we consider USDT to be the most convenient option. Investors get their loan and revenue back also in stablecoin

You have asked quite a few questions about the insurance pool, so let’s detail our plans:

In order to increase liquidity inflow, we originally planned a liquidity pool model in conjunction with a pancake swap. We are talking about staking a stablecoin (or other coin) along with dnt. We know that we will definitely bring this idea to life. At this stage, in order to attract more projects to the platform, it was decided to direct the liquidity of our users more to the projects themselves. And leave the mechanism of simple staking of our coin. In the form as it is described — an insurance pool. Upon reaching a certain number of projects, we will launch a pancake swap liquidity pool model. To generate profit for our users 🙂

To sum up, DNT maintains the platform, and all investments are made in stablecoins 🙂

Who is the CEO?

The most asked question of this AMA. Okay, we will be extremely honest with you and tell the situation as it is: we are in search of our ideal candidate.

There were several good guys who could potentially fulfill the duties of CEO, but for various reasons we did not get along. We want to find a candidate who will be with us for a long time and until great success. Therefore, we meticulously and carefully select our CEO. We are looking for a CEO who will grow with us within the project.

How does a team function without a CEO?

Do not forget that behind every project there are its creators and ideological inspirers. I am sure that you are well aware of our 5-year long journey. We made mistakes, but we never stopped. If we did not understand where we are moving and what needs to be done, everything would have collapsed long ago. We always say that decentralization is the future — so we live this experience on ourselves 🙂 We have an internal team of managers who collectively decide where the company will move. Instead of one head — we get different opinions of experts in their field and together we decide where it is better to go. We live the experience of collective decision-making and now we consider it a great way to grow and develop the company. We also want to note that your feedback is what drives our project! The more activity we receive from you, the more we can give back. So share your opinion! It’s important for us!

Our results speak for themselves: we are moving towards the roadmap with planned deadlines. We have released a beta-product, you constantly receive news from me and clearly see that we are not stopping. Could 1 person do it? No, it’s impossible. Only a team can bring a project to results . We understand the importance of the right people and plan to expand our team as the project develops.

Here I would also like to note that we try to be effective and not think by stereotypes . We don’t need to have a team of 100 people to create a really good product. We enjoy working on our platform and engage in its development constantly. We know that our community is also interested in our product, and if you see yourself in our team, write to me in a telegram.

What is the guarantee that the project owner will not disappear once their project is funded? How is the fund distributed to the owners?

Decentralized finance and collective decision-making is a challenge that we have to overcome together. In fact, we offer you access to interesting projects that can give you good profitability, innovative ideas and opportunities. This is a direct loan, without the help of a bank or any other side. You are not limited by the minimum investment amount, any strict conditions and can communicate directly with the owner of the project. We will provide you with projects for funding, and your task is to decide whether the creator is worth your trust. On such a model of interaction, both the project owner and investors need to be as open to each other as possible. When the owner of the project is 1 person, and 10,000 people have invested in it, then he will definitely have to fulfill the promise, because all those 10,000 people will watch the development of the project and motivate him to go further.

With the help of the workspace — you will have direct access to the project team and you can request all the information you are interested in, ask to show additional finances, pass the KYC, or come up with your own idea of the borrower verification. With direct financing, you know exactly where your money is going and have every right to request all additional reports where your finances were spent. Remember, you make the final decision. We are creating a platform where you, the community, will be an honest arbiter who gives your verdict.

When liquidity is going to be added?

Liquidity is already being added! Because we understand the importance of decentralized exchanges, we add liquidity in small chunks to pancake swaps.

Well, do not forget that everyone can add liquidity for DNT;)

How soon do you hope to have investors using your platform and do you have some ready and waiting to get onboard?

Now our priority is to fill the platform with interesting projects so that they are investment-attractive for our community. We want to list a lot of different projects so that you can give your honest feedback and choose the ones you like. We believe that good projects will attract the right people to our platform. Many projects already have their audience and they will bring it to us. Our community will continue to grow and expand. And with it, our opportunities with you!

When will the first income of the Definder project be generated?

According to our forecasts, the first profit for our clients in average calculations will already be available in the first quarter of next year. It is important to understand here that the timing of the development of projects can be very different. Someone needs a loan to buy equipment and he will return it within 1–2 months. And there are projects where investments are given for a longer period. Well, the difference in profits is also noticeable 🙂

In any community where there is interaction with finance, it all depends on the quantity and quality of your community. Each project can bring its own community. According to our calculations, each project can bring from 100 to 10,000 audiences. We have no limit on the number of projects we can host. More projects — more community, more use of our DNT token. In order to use our platform, each user must make a donation and make an insurance pool. These actions remove our tokens from the market, thereby creating increased value for all our holders. The above actions will help us generate market demand, growth and increase in the capitalization of the project. Financial forecasts show positive dynamics for the project and therefore we plan to improve and scale our product and team.

Definder company is interested in the platform generating profit for our investors. After all, the better the platform performs its functions, the more people will join us. Our power is in people. Well, in progression, more people use platform — more likely to be listed on Binance😉

As a DeFi platform with Smart Contracts, are there any plans to perform a 3rd-party audit by a well-known auditing company and publish the results?

Our security policy is based on compliance with the requirements that are put forward by such well-known technological products as Binance, Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc. Therefore, you can be sure that your assets are safe.

At the moment, the product is being tested by our developers and when we complete it, we will make an audit by a third party and provide you with a report.

Last year there was a lot of talk about tokenizing properties in Ukraine and that the right digital laws were signed for it. With the recent progress will this still be something that can be started?

The answer to your query lies in the realm of state legislative regulation, namely in the drafting of laws that would convert one unit of an asset into one token. Yes, indeed, many countries have successfully coped with this process. We keep track of any changes to the legal system governing the control of digital assets. Unfortunately, this process has slowed down considerably by 2022.

As you are aware, the goal of our previous project was to tokenize the economic real sector’s assets, particularly the real estate industry. Users of our product come from various geographical and legal environments. Unless they reside in a friendly crypto state, not everyone is permitted to buy a token that is comparable to a physical asset.Our goal in developing the tokenization process remains relevant.

How do you plan to get listed on other exchanges that already have DNT (district0x)?

We live in a world where crypto is gaining momentum every day and the same symbol in tokens is no longer a rarity. Neither the token name nor the ticker can be trusted, only the address.

We want to underline how important it is to constantly exercise caution and double-check the coin you are holding. Always verify the following before making a transaction: full token name, logo, ticker, smart contract, and the accessibility of the information on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko.

How are you going to promote the product, what are your plans for marketing?

As previously mentioned, our team is working tirelessly to ensure that our product can scale, with virality as its primary objective.

The first action we have already taken is to establish regional offices across several continents. We just established a regional office in Bali, and it has already begun to provide profitable projects for listing and brand reputation. We are currently concentrating on creating even more regional offices in various countries in order to increase our geographic capabilities.

The next regional office will open in South Korea as noted in our roadmap. We clearly follow our plans and turn them into results.

The main marketing goals are built on increasing the interest of the target audience and generating traffic to the platform.

Who are the strategic partners you are planning? Are these DeFi projects on Binance Smart Chain? Or is it an asset company like Colliers?

We cannot share this information with you yet, as it will be hype and may affect the product. We are negotiating with different areas of business (not only DeFi projects) and soon you will see official announcements.

With the SLT that is not swapped to DNT. What happens to the amount of DNT that is reserved for that? Is it going to the community, the team or will it be non available?

These tokens are simply frozen for our users right now. Swap orders are still coming in and we are making the SLT to DNT transfer. In order to enable our users to make a swap, we think it will be appropriate to refrain from touching these tokens for a specific period of time (for example, until the end of the year).

We intend to invest the tokens that are left over after the swap period on marketing and community development. We will undoubtedly discuss our options with you and decide how to spend these tokens together.



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