Definder’s Bali Adventure: Highlights from Coinfest Asia 2023

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3 min readSep 1, 2023


Definder was an active participant at Coinfest Asia 2023, an event organized by Coinvestasi. This second edition of Coinfest Asia took place in Bali, Indonesia, from August 24th to 25th, 2023, drawing over 4,000 attendees from more than 50 countries. Coinfest Asia stands out for its unique mission, serving as a bridge between the web2 and web3 sectors, fostering collaboration, and fortifying the web3 ecosystem. Angela Topchyi was also in attendance at this event last year. However, this year, she exclusively represented Definder, emphasizing our focus on advancing blockchain and web3 technologies.

The inauguration of Coinfest Asia was graced by Sandiaga Uno, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia. He commended Coinfest Asia as the largest web3 festival in Asia, underscoring its significance in fostering an open and innovative web3 environment.

Minister Uno stated, “Congratulations to Coinvestasi for hosting Coinfest Asia. I am very excited to anticipate the continued growth and collaboration in the web3 ecosystem through Coinfest Asia, which will continue to develop in the coming years.”

The Indonesian government’s concerted efforts have not only positioned the nation as a welcoming destination for blockchain and web3 ventures but have also contributed to the global advancement of these technologies. Its commitment to regulatory clarity, infrastructure development, education, and innovation support underscores Indonesia’s aspiration to be at the forefront of the web3 revolution.

Steven Suhadi, founder of Indonesia Crypto Network, the parent company of Coinvestasi, shared the essence of Coinfest Asia 2023, emphasizing its unique approach to fostering engagement and connections within the web3 landscape. Coinfest, he explained, is more than a conventional conference; it’s a platform designed to create enduring memories and meaningful interactions.

Coinfest Asia showcased an impressive lineup of more than 100 speakers who shared their valuable insights and expertise spanning the realms of web2 and web3 industries during this engaging two-day event.

Notable speakers included:

  • Thomas France (Co-Founder of Ledger).
  • Eggy Tanuwijaya (Director of Solution Architecture at Alibaba Cloud).
  • Oscar Darmawan (CEO of Indodax)
  • Bobby Lee (CEO of Ballet)
  • Yat Siu (Co-Founder of Animoca Brands).
  • Joshua Foo (Regional Director SEA and Central Asia of Chainalysis)
  • Lennix Lai (Chief Commercial Officer of OKX)
  • Daniel Oon (Head of DeFi at Algorand)
  • Amy Zhang (VP of Sales APAC at Fireblocks), and many others.

For Definder, Coinfest Asia 2023 was an invaluable experience that left a lasting impact. Here are a few key takeaways from our time at the event:

1. Global Networking: Coinfest Asia provided a global stage for networking and forging connections. Relaxed laid-back atmosphere made it easy to network with people. Connecting with people from various backgrounds broadened our global outlook and created opportunities for potential collaborations.

2. Cutting-Edge Insights:The event showcased the latest trends and innovations in the web3 space. Our top takeaways from Coinfest Asia 2023: Advanced Trading Tools for DEX, Social DeFi, and DeFi Risk Insurance. We’re already brainstorming ways to integrate these insights into the Definder ecosystem. One more interesting finding, it’s clear that Dubai remains the top choice for cryptocurrency funding projects, and this popularity extends to projects from Southeast Asia as well. Meanwhile, Australia’s interest in web3 is evolving, marked by a fragmented yet expanding appetite. Australian interests are increasingly focusing on the Southeast Asian landscape.

3. Inspiring Collaboration: Coinfest Asia fostered an environment of collaboration, emphasizing the importance of working together to drive the web3 ecosystem forward. It reinforced our commitment to seeking innovative partnerships. We were particularly delighted to establish personal connections with crowdfunding firms, especially those with a strong emphasis on real estate.

In conclusion, Coinfest Asia 2023 was an enriching experience for Definder. It deepened our understanding of the web3 industry, expanded our network, and inspired us to continue discovering Asian markets.



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