Definder’s Roadmap for 2023–2024

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2 min readNov 17, 2022



As Definder enters the final quarter of 2022, we’d like to update the community on several important development topics we’ve been working on. This span several categories, including product development, partnerships, and the establishment of representative offices. We’ve been working hard to deliver these features and upgrades, and we’re excited to see how the Definder community reacts to them. Please note: This roadmap is subject to change and does not include everything we are working on, as we always are working on improvements and development.


  • Smart Contract audit (Q1 2022)
  • Implementation of fiat currency payment by credit/debit card (Q3 2023)
  • Opening of 2 representative offices in South Korea and the United Arab Emirates (Q1 and Q4 2023)
  • CEX&DEX DNT token listings (Q2-Q3 2023)
  • Improvements to the Definder ecosystem through product development and mobile applications (Q1-Q4 2023)

The success of the platform can be summed up in something very simple, providing a crowdfunding service without intermediaries, transparent and secure that allows investors and project developers, whether or not they have a blockchain destination, to interact with the market on the Web3.

In 2024:

  • Open-sourcing DF Platform
  • Treasury control handed over to the community
  • Development approval handed to the community
  • Completing the transition into DAO

Leave your input

We encourage all to leave their input and may reach out to selected people as we discover how best to meet our community’s needs.

The updated roadmap of the company aims to cover all important areas of the company’s development and bring results to our community. Given the advancement of the digital economy, we recognize that this is the only way forward. Definder is still the place to meet investors and businesses.

Our main goal is to create a welcoming environment for investors from all over the world.



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