DNT Token

  • “Investment” (Security) tokens — to a certain extent, similar to securities.
  • “Service” (Utility) tokens — give access to the services provided by the project.
  • Payment of a symbolic commission at the Voting stage in a specific “crowd loan target”. Each user, if they wish to reserve a share in project financing, must make a transaction in DNT to the specified wallet in the project card and indicate the amount of planned financing for the project. The user gets direct access to communication with the creators of the project in the workspace after the donation.
  • Formation of an insurance pool in order to hedge risks for the period of contribution to the crowd loan. DNT will be blocked for the duration of the crowd loan associated with a specific purpose and returned at the end of the loan period (maturity date). This will remove some of the tokens from circulation.



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DF Platform

DF Platform


DF Platform - a comprehensive fundraising tool for the real economy. Enhanced liquidity for startups and established businesses.