Smartlands Platform Native Token SLT Listed on Bittrex International

London, March 19, 2019 ‒ Smartlands, an aspiring global platform for security token issuance, is happy to inform investors in digital assets that the Smartlands Platform’s utility token, SLT, is available for trading on the Bittrex International trading platform beginning March 19, 2019.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the Bittrex International team for its insight into the bright future of the Smartlands Platform and the company’s proactive attitude in reaching a partnership to achieve a common goal.

“Bittrex International is one of the best known, most liquid, and reliable platforms for trading of digital assets,” says Arnoldas Nauseda, Smartlands CEO. “Today, having been listed on Bittrex international, Smartlands’ native token SLT becomes even more visible for digital entrepreneurs the world over, and I want to extend a warm welcome to investors and traders who get a chance to trade it for the first time on Bittrex International.”

Smartlands Platform is an FCA-regulated Security Token Issuance Platform designed for the future of crowdfunding. It brings together token issuers and investors by creating blockchain-based securities backed by digital ownership of shares in multiple asset classes.

Smartlands Platform is built on the Stellar network and employs advanced blockchain technology with fast, cheap, secure transactions and extended capabilities. Please, visit the new Smartlands website for more information on current offerings, partnerships, and technological solutions.

About SLT

SLT is a utility token on Smartlands used as the only means of paying fees on the Platform. SLT holders can set the rules of the platform with a decentralized management system through voting their SLTs. The Platform requires users to hold a certain amount of SLTs ( fee reserve ) in order to buy and sell security tokens issued on Smartlands Platform.



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