Stellar address instructions for Smartlands bounty campaign participants

To get your SLT tokens for bounty campaign participation we kindly ask you to create a Stellar account here by clicking “generate keypair” button. Save your private and public keys. Public key (starts with “G”) is an “address” of your account while private key (starts with “P”) is a “password”. You will have to send 2.1 XLM to have required by Stellar network minimal balance to activate account (1 XLM), create trustline for SLT and place offer (0.5 XLM each), ~0.1 XLM to pay transaction fees (0.00001 XLM).

To create a trustline login to your wallet with your private key here and add a trustline for SLT token by going to “Account” tab, and then “Accept assets” tab and clicking on “Accept SLT” button. Once you have added SLT trustline to your wallet, send it to the relevant addresses, Do not send your Stellar public key until you have added a trustline for SLT as transaction to send SLTs to you will fail. Send your letter from the email address indicated in the bounty file only! Kindly set topic as “FB Bounty Address”, “TW Bounty Address” or “FB and TW bounty Address” correspondingly (correct topic is important as your email may be missed out otherwise). Indicate your line number in relevant bounty campaign spreadsheet together with your STELLAR (not Ethereum) PUBLIC (not private) Key (starts with “G”). If you participated in both campaigns — there is no need to send two letters (if you have registered with the same email), but indicate your row number in both files.

If you can’t or don’t want to create a Stellar account with 2.1 XLM, you may wait till SLT will be listed on exchanges other than SDEX and we will transfer SLT to your exchange account later. Nevertheless, currently we cannot provide specific date of SLT listing on additional exchanges.



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