We are proud to annouce our new partner — Intecracy Group

Intecracy Group, an international consortium of companies working in the information & communication technology industry, has partnered with Smartlands to ensure the safety of investors who use Smartlands resources.

Security is the determining factor in crypto investments, therfore cooperation with experienced partners will bring value to all participants.

Intecracy Group is focused on software development, platform development and testing, system integrations and cyber security and is an experienced provider of information security consulting, data encryption and encrypted communications, which adheres to the ISO 27001:2013 information security management standards.

Smartlands — Intecracy partnersip is aimed to a further development of the Smartlands roadmap for 2018. During the year we need to implement the following scope to ensure the full implementation of Smartlands Platform:

  1. Highly secured, pro-level Smartlands wallet/exchange interface (for Stellar Network);
  2. Decentralized management system for the Platform and ABT issuers that will be based on voting of SLT and ABT holders respectively;
  3. Data rooms with detailed information about companies to be listed or already listed on Smartlands Platform. Special features for premium users with high SLT balances over time;
  4. Integration with agricultural audit data provided by Skyglyph system;

Intecracy Group will help the Smartlands team to achieve the abovementioned goals. Follow the news.



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