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2 min readNov 18, 2022

The Definder company launched DF Platform product and saw the first results, so we are now excited to share our first successes with you and launch DNT Token staking in December 2022. In subsequent publications, we will provide you with more accurate information. We will reveal the staking options, how they will work, and where the company’s profit is generated in this announcement.

How is income generated?

The company has launched its own product, DF Platform, and we already have preliminary results to share with you. DF Platform is a flexible decentralized crowdfunding platform for businesses and startups, where the community makes active decisions on project development (based on DAO principles). Taking into account all of the requests, we decided to distribute a portion of our income from company listings, donations to the workspace, and other information services among holders of our token.

Against the backdrop of recent events in the crypto industry, we offer our users 2 types of fully decentralized staking of the DNT token. We will open 2 types of staking: LP Staking — “I trust DEX” and Safe Staking “I trust only myself” for a period of 30 days, for which we allocate 15% of the monthly income of our company, which have already been generated from the listing of projects on the platform. The distribution between staking will take place in the proportion of 65% of the staking fund on LP Staking and 35% on Safe Staking.

For your convenience, we have developed a bot that will monitor daily data on adding participants to each type of staking. The bot automatically checks the necessary parameters and enters everything into the registry.

I trust DEX — LP Staking

This type of staking entails holding a DNT token alongside another token in a Liquidity Pool for a set period of time. DEX Pancake Swap will be used for all transactions. This pair allows the Binance ecosystem and our community to conduct easy and fast transactions of the DNT token.

The system automatically reads the fulfillment of all conditions and monitors the progress of staking, so the user can generate additional income with minimal effort.

I trust only myself — Safe Staking

A type of staking in which you store DNT tokens in your personal wallet and receive a profit for holding them subject to certain conditions. Freeze the tokens in your account for at least 30 days and do not use them in any transactions.

To sum up, you get 2 offers of fully decentralized simple and user friendly staking. You just need to stake DNT and our bot will do the rest. Definder will be sharing more details, information and instructions very soon, so stay tuned!

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